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We are a creative video production

& visual media company

Where fresh ideas meet streamlined processes.

What's in a name? We approach each new video production and social media project with a fresh approach while keeping focused on a simple process and streamlined message for our clients. And, we want to help your business grow through stunning visuals and videos.

​And, as a parent of teenagers, as they get older, according to them, I seem to lose brain cells which led to one of my teenagers 'educating' me on the fact that Verde is the Spanish word for green and located on Crayola crayons during a recent family game night. That's what is in a name.

We look forward to partnering with you to create your next visual project with a fresh and focused message. Please take a moment to visit our video production, visual media and social media portfolios to see our recent work. Let's talk about your needs and how our fresh ideas can help you.

Anne Neumann


Verde Communication

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What We Do

Video Production

From original idea through final edit, we partner with you in creating your vision. Please take some time to review our video production samples to see how we brought to life our client's seeds of thoughts.

Visual Media Creation

As you develop your story through video, you may find moments that need to be captured through still visuals. We layer that texture to enrich your video stories. Please scroll through our visual media samples to see how we marry video with visual assets to help our clients deliver a robust multi-media campaign.

Social Media Curation

Once the video package and visual assets are developed, we support our clients in creating and executing a social media campaign to ensure a successful reach to their targeted audience. Please take a moment to look at a sample of the social media pages we are currently helping to manage.

Lets Talk

Let's Talk

Tell us about your project.

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Or, reach out directly anytime.

Anne Neumann

Verde Communication


(847) 951-4940

944 Sunset Ct.

Deerfield, IL 60015

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